Monthly Archives: December 2011


Written November 25:

National Novel Writing Month is a donation based organization that supports millions of novelists every November as they challenged themselves to write 50, 000 words in 30 days. This is a challenge in self-discipline and distraction avoidance. This being day 26 of 30 and me being 27, 187 words into the 50,000, I would love it if the world would leave me alone to write. There are school assignments, the internet, birthdays, mid-terms, class, book selling, family, family related emergencies, and other distractions. The only one I have found a solution for is the internet and I’m down to two uses before I have to come up with ten dollars from somewhere, which brings me back to book selling.

So, I have one last weekend in November and 22, 813 words to go. I know that I can do it. The problem is the distractions.

Many of these distractions plague me the rest of the year and prevent me from getting as much writing done as I would like. Every writer seems to suffer from this problem. After all if a writer didn’t have to worry about making money or doing chores there would be a lot more time for writing. Some have figured out how to deal with distractions, or at least claim that ability. I would love to have that ability and then I might have an easier time getting everything I need to done.

I started out already ahead the first week. After that I had trouble with distractions. Now I have 4 days out of 30. I can finish the 22, 813 words in that time. So, you’ll have to excuse me while I get back to work.