Monthly Archives: April 2013

Time for Tea

One should never venture down the rabbit hole, if one doesn’t have time for tea. Not having time for tea is rude. This doesn’t mean if you don’t have time you shouldn’t write, but that if you come up with an idea you should make some time to explore it.

So, you have a great idea, but only ten minutes. Write a brief summarization of the idea so that you don’t lose it, then think over your day and figure out a time that you can block out to examine the story, and protect that time. If you don’t protect that time other people or things will steal it.

As I have said before when you take time for tea, you learn so much more about the characters, plot, and setting. This will get you a good start on your story and you’ll enjoy the time more than if you had rushed it.

Now that you have the story started and an idea of where it is going, you can use those ten minutes to work on the story. Use all the time segments you can. You can get a lot of writing done in ten minutes and an hour can be very productive, but don’t tell yourself that if you don’t have an hour you don’t have time to write. There is always time to write.