Monthly Archives: August 2013

Writing Advice

As a writer, I have found that there are endless pieces of advice given to help with writing. And everyone giving the advice believes themselves an expert in the craft. This is true to a certain extent, I guess. They are experts on how they write and what keeps them writing. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean they can speak for anyone else in the writing world.

An example of this is the discussion of writer’s block. Some claim that it is ego that gets in the way. Others say indecision, or a challenging piece. There are those who get it and never write again. And then there are those who have never had it and believe it doesn’t exists. Then there is the advice to deal with it, everything from leave the work while you still know what will happen next to take a break, and keep the words coming no matter how bad they are.

If there is so much advice out there, what should a writer do if they need advice, or help? I suggest reading what is out there and thinking about it. If it feels right and you understand where the writer is saying or feeling, then that is likely the right advice for you. If, after reading it, you don’t understand where the person is coming from or how they could work that way, then that piece of advice isn’t for you.