Monthly Archives: March 2014

Writers’ Gatherings

Everyone talks about how a writer’s life is a lonely one and in some ways they are right. To sit alone and write doesn’t provide much for a social connection. However, as a writer one of the best things is to seek out a community to belong to. When NaNoWriMo comes along they have forums full of other writers to talk to and discuss all aspects of writing with.

Writing groups are another great way to meet other writers and find support. Many times the local library will be privy to whether there is a writing group, or the right direction to find one. Another way to meet other writers is through workshops. Here you learn something about writing as well as whom else around is also writing. Sometimes this can lead to creation of writing groups. Conferences are another way to find writers. Though I have never been to a conference myself, I have heard a lot of good things about going to them and would encourage those who can afford it to go.

Writing groups, NaNoWriMo forums, workshops, and conferences are all great ways to meet other writers and learn that writing might be lonely work, but that doesn’t mean as a writer you are all alone.