Monthly Archives: April 2014

Proof Reading

I should give a warning before I continue and the warning is I hate proof reading and editing. However, over time I have learned editing is important to the story. Editing finds the errors and plot holes, which need to be fixed before someone else reads it. With some pieces it is best if a first edit has been done before getting a reader to go through it. This catches missing words, weird sentences, major plot holes, and other such things. This helps the reader make sense of what they are reading.

Proofing is going through the book before it is published. I proofed two books in April, which I should have done back at the end of March because the books ended up being late and now I can’t get physical copies until May despite the release date being in April. When proofing, I am not looking for major changes because the story should be finished. I am looking for the minor errors that made the difference between professional quality and not quite there.

Both editing and proofing drain my energy. I would much rather write than do either. This is problematic as it leaves first drafts of novels around, but little for finished projects. Something to work on and try to get better at.


Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014

The Office of Letters and Light, which run NaNoWriMo in November, also have started camp sessions in April and July. Camp NaNoWriMo can be used to write all kinds of things, especially since you don’t really have to start something new, there are flexible word counts, and you don’t have to be working on a novel.

I have been doing Camp since it started and have turned out a few novels. Some published (Closing the Portal), some in editing stages (Syriana’s Crime), and some never to see the light of day. This year I thought I would do two novels in the Kings of Proster series that I have been writing during other sessions of NaNoWriMo. The only other things I needed to worry about this month was the Easter Drama I was in and finding a job, so I thought I could do two 50k word novels in a month. Easy, right?

The Easter Drama is over and my job search is stalled, so the writing must be going well, right? Well, I started the first novel called Lovers & Losses and in it the main character is reading a book. I decided to put in pieces of the book. Now I have three books to write by the end of the month, two from the Kings of Proster series and one by a fictitious author who won’t leave me alone until his novel is complete.

So, either I will finish what I set out for myself, or I will end up in a padded room. I hope you enjoy the rest of April.