A New Idea

I always have half a dozen projects on my to do list at any one time without counting the projects I have sitting there that I’m not working on. Right now I have four novels I’m working on editing, three novels I’m trying to get written, and a short story collection. I also have a stack of library books begging to be read next to my reading pile. With all these projects I shouldn’t really have time to think about anything else. But my brain uses distraction when it feels stressed. It will do things like suggest a movie when I should be writing an essay for a class. So, with my endless to do list it comes up with new ideas for stories.

These new ideas are usually great ideas and I would love to see how they play out. There is a certain level of excitement around a new idea, which makes it what my brain wants to work on. But it I just worked on the new ideas, I would never get anything finished. And finishing things is important to me. Lately I have been letting new ideas go, especially if it is an idea for a whole new story. I just don’t have time to work on it.

Sometimes I write the idea down and put it away for a time when I can work on it. But that is becoming something I only do if the idea is really great and I really want to work on it. Like my most recent idea, I’m fifteen hundred words into it. I guess that makes four novels in editing, four in writing, and one short story collection.



About heathersdomain

I'm B. Heather Mantler. I have been a writer for most of my life, with my primary focus being novels. In 2010 I learned how to finish a book through NaNoWriMo and have since used NaNoWriMo sessions (November and Camp) to write my fantasy series The Kings of Proster. I also have other novels out; Committed to Her Enemy, Chenarcor, Princess or Pirate, and A Thief In Search of a Baby. I've always got another book on the go. You can find me on Twitter under B. Heather Mantler. Also if you have any suggestions, or things you want to me to write about, send me an e-mail at litnlaughter@gmail.com. To help me out financially: https://www.patreon.com/BHeatherMantler

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