Monthly Archives: February 2016

Can’t Think

There are times when I can’t think of what to write. I can stare at the piece of paper, or computer document, for hours without any idea on how to start or continue to story. The page taunts me as I stare at it and nothing comes through my fingers. It is frustrating and every time I hope I never suffer from it again. However, there are things that can be done when this feeling shows up.

The first thing I do is think about whether this is the story my brain truly wants to write on. Sometimes there is another story coming to mind and it is easier to write on that story before going back to what I was trying to work on. This works like grease to get the gears moving.

The second thing that works is to walk away from the story. Go for a walk, do some housework, or run some errands. Get away from the story for a while, but do something that gets you moving.

The worst thing to do is usually to sit there and stare at the page. Because frustration is does not help with writing. It just leaves the story stuck.



The Kings of Proster

My fantasy series is called The Kings of Proster and I keep being asked about how many books it will be along with when I will have them out. Unfortunately I did not get the ones due out last fall out yet. I am having some slight issues, but I should sort through those in the next while. Then I will put out Lovers & Losses and Fighting for the King.

I have planned out twelve books. Six are currently out, two coming, three I have to finish writing, and one I will write when I’ve got the rest of them finished. My brain has been hinting there might be a prequel book and maybe some stories from the neighbouring kingdoms, but neither of those projects are going to happen before The Kings of Proster are all written and available for sale.

In the meantime, you can enjoy For Wealth and Glory, Closing the Portal, Mistakes Made, Wasted Love, The Mystery of the Magic, and The King’s Ransom. They are available in hard copies and just recently I have converted them all into e-book format. And hopefully I will have the next two out soon.