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Reviews are one the most important things you can do for an author. They can the difference between an author’s success or failure. Book sales are important too, but not many people buy books without having heard something about them first. Yes, people do pick up books they have never heard of before they picked up the book at the book store, but in this day of digital content it is much harder to get books into book stores. So, authors have to depend on reviews. It doesn’t matter if the reviews are on Amazon, Good Reads, Chapters, or a book review blog as long as it is out there for people to find and read.

The best thing you can do for your favourite authors is to review their books and post it somewhere for others to read. A good review is preferable, but if you had a problem with the story it is okay to say that. You don’t have to whitewash a book to leave a review. All you need to do is to leave your honest opinion. Just leaving a review is the most important thing and the author will appreciate it.




Books & Company is a bookstore located in downtown Prince George, BC. It has an excellent selection of books for all subjects and if you can’t find in the store, they will try to order it for you. Café Voltaire shares the bottom floor with the bookstore, so when you have picked out your book, you can sit there with a coffee and a treat while you read. Friday nights you can go to café Voltaire for a free show, usually featuring local talent. Upstairs is Artspace, which is used for all sorts of shows and such. Many shows in Artspace require purchasing tickets, but they aren’t expensive. Also upstairs are several shops and other offices. Along the walls of Artspace, there are pictures or paintings.
The owner supports the arts in Prince George and is welcoming to artists, writers, and musicians. The staff are more than willing to help anyone who comes in. All this make a pleasant experience, which is the great thing about books stores. I hope you have such a store near you and if you are in PG, you stop in for a visit.