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Trapped in a Story

In the last few months I have been working on a book. I wrote the first book with these characters over the summer. Then they showed up in a short piece in the middle of August. After that I thought maybe I could move on to other projects, as I have many waiting. Then the next book came along before I could get into them. And I have been working on it until Friday when I finished it.

This last while writing the story, I have felt trapped in the story. Working on other things have been a problem. Homework has really been put on the backburner. Things I need to do for my financial situation are taking days longer than necessary. Reading used to be an escape but now I lack interest in picking up a book. Even other stories I’ve started I don’t feel like going back to.

I thought I had gotten free on Friday when I finished the book. The characters don’t agree as she has been telling me the next piece, giving me no choice but write it down.



Same Character, Different Name

I write a story and when I go back to read it I find that I’ve written about a character who is similar to another character from a different story. That female archetype seems to be my brain’s favourite to put into a story. The backgrounds are different and the story itself is different, but the character is practically the same.

I know why I write her. She is the person who I spent many years wanting to be. Maybe is some ways, I still want to be her. But I write stories about her instead. I don’t get tires of writing about her, but I get worried about not growing as a writer because I only write one character.

I don’t want readers to skip my books because they see the same character by a different name. I do write stories with other characters, but that one archetype keeps popping up. I don’t want to get rid of her, but I don’t want my readers to tire of her either.

I’m not sure the answer, but I am sure that she will show up in another story with a different name and new background details. In the meantime, enjoy the story.


Writing a Series

Writing a series can be fun, but has some difficulties associated with it. The fun part is you get to work with the same characters for several books. You get to know every aspect of their lives and they become trusted friends. The world is a familiar playground for games of all kinds. It sounds like fun until you realize a few things about writing a series.

The first thing is you need continuity. If the character’s name is spelled one way in the first book, then it better be spelled the same way for the rest of the series. If the car is blue in the first book and the same car is silver in the second book, it becomes a problem. The best solution is to make a sheet with all of this information as well as have copies of the other books handy to double check things.

The second thing is the characters have to grow and develop over the course of the books. If the character is the same in the fifth book as in the first, the reader doesn’t bother to read the next one because there isn’t any different from the last one.

And the last problem I’m going to list is the one every reader knows. The wait for the next book. If the series is well written, the reader will be impatient for the next book. This is a good thing for the author as the reader will buy the next book, but the wait had better not be too long.

Happily Ever After

I like happily ever after endings, most of the time. I enjoy the feeling they give me about the characters and their semi lasting happiness. It probably comes from my love of fairy tales, where the main character usually gets their happily ever after and the villain(s) get their comeuppance. That isn’t to say I don’t like book without happily ever afters, but the stories have to be well written and not end like that for purposes of depressing the audience. As far as I’m concerned if I want to be depressed I can read the news.

Which is why we read stories, watch movie, and go for the happily ever after in our entertainment. Or at least that is my theory. We want to see people have a happy ending to their story because the rest of the world doesn’t like to show us those. Also we want those type of endings for ourselves. We want to marry our soul mate, or get that perfect job, retire rich in our thirties, or whatever else our dreams are made of. We want the happily ever after. Or if you anything like me, if you can’t have your happily ever after at least hope that the ending is well written and worthy of the story.