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Looking for Dragons

Last spring for a course I put together an anthology titled Dragons in Winter. It ended up being a fun collection of short stories. I like stories with dragons and the idea of doing more anthologies with dragons felt like a good one. So, I am trying to put together another one, this time titled Dragons in Spring. If you have a story about dragons in the spring of about 3,000 words send it to before February 28, 2019. If your story is accepted, you will receive two copies of the anthology.



One of the projects for this semester was to put together a chapbook with contributions from other people. Everyone in class was to start with request for submissions and write letter of acceptance and then create the actual book. This is the most fun I have had on a school project in years.

Back in January I was looking for something to read that involved dragons, so when this project came up I decided my theme would have something to do with dragons. My title became Dragons in Winter and that is what the stories needed to be about. Fortunately, I have people in my life who were willing to submit stories and a theme people were willing to submit to.

I really enjoyed getting and reading other people’s stories. Because I only had four submissions I didn’t have to send out any rejection letters, even if I had to write one for turning into the teacher. Then at the end I had another book put out through Lit-N-Laughter. It makes me want to make more.