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Ideas While Driving

Since I moved I have done a lot more car trips. I don’t mind as I like car trips. I like driving and I don’t mind being a passenger. The only problem with car trips is that if I try to read or write I can motion sick. So, those hours are useless for getting anything done. Instead I watch the scenery and let my mind wander off to wherever it wants to go. I do pay attention if I am driving, but even then my mind tends to be working on something. This time sitting and enjoying the view has led to many story ideas.

Depending on the trip and the day I will write down these ideas during the short breaks that happen like lunch. Other times I wait until the evening when I have reached my destination and I have a few minutes before going to bed. I like to keep as many of the ideas I get while on car trips as I can because those are some of my better ideas.

It was during my family trips that I got the idea for my western, Chenarcor, as the scenery reminded me of the old west. The trip was usually a yearly event and thus I had plenty of time to think and imagine as we drove.

As much as it would be nice to have those for reading or writing, I enjoy those times for the ideas that come to me.



At two o’clock in the morning, I would very much prefer to be in the deep oblivion known as sleep. Yet time after time I find myself awake and getting more done than I did the rest of the day. The rest of my body is tuned toward sleep, but my brain is busy. I get story ideas and the urge to work on them. Limericks flow without work. And reading seems like a good idea. But I really want to sleep.

I want to be able to do all these things during daylight hours when the rest of the world is also at work. I’m expected to do things during the day. Other people make noise as they daytime activities. And I try to move my natural schedule hours when the sun is up.

None of it helps. My brain claims to have no ability to work at any other times. We are at odds with each other as I want to sleep at night and work during the day and it only does things the other way around. Currently I have no way to work on its schedule, but sometimes I hope for a time when I can. Until then I have to either hope for some work time during the day or accept that I’m not going to get the recommended number of hours of sleep.