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A Good Soundtrack

Sometimes a piece of writing requires a soundtrack. Music which inspire and helps move the story along. The reader may never connect the music to the finished product unless the writer provides that information. I tend to use music in two ways. The first is to keep up the inspiration for a story. I will find music that reminds me of things that have to do with the piece I am writing. So, I will find songs of the sea if I am working on a pirate story, or I will find older country music to help me write on a western. This is where I make a play list and just let to play as I write.

The second way I use music is as inspiration itself. A specific song will give me an idea for a story. This has happened a couple times this year and the result has been a couple short stories. The song Somewhere on a Beach by Dierks Bentley gave me the idea for the story What Happened. The song The Hanging Tree from the movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 inspired me to write the short story Innocence Hung. The right song can sometimes be just what a piece needs.




Easter is the time for chocolate and sugary substances. These are perfect for the writer in need of motivation. For every some many pages, or some many words, you reward yourself with some chocolate. This does two things. It gets the work done and it spaces out the candy. It also provides energy to get you through those set amount of work.

The time with family is also good for a writer. Where else are you going to get that perfect little story to add to your character’s history which explains why they always avoid talking about family? Or you can use that phrase your uncle always uses but you never understood for you villain.

However, did not expect to get a lot of writing done unless your family is willing to leave you alone to earn your chocolate.


Inspiration and the Idea

When writing the first thing you need it an idea. It is very hard to write without one, not impossible but very hard. I usually start with a character and then listen to them tell me about their life. Sometimes I start with a scene that appeared in my head, but it has to be a very strong scene. Other people start with a line, or a story idea. Something comes to mind and the story comes from that. This thing can be referred to as a muse.

A muse is very hard to pin down and can disappear without warning. It is also very hard to find when you want it. There are a lot of quotes out there about inspiration and muses. The one I best remember is by Jack London. He said “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Some people sit and wait for the muse to show up, but I find that the muse shows up when I am sitting there writing. It is far more likely to show up when it isn’t expected.

Everyone needs to find their own way of coming up with ideas for stories and inviting the muse to come around. Some people claim that they can only write when they have inspiration. I just sit down and start writing. The first thousand words in a day are always the hardest anyway.