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November First

Most people in the writing community know what November first means. It means the first day of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. It means embarking on a major writing adventure. 50,000 words in 30 days. 1667 words per day. A fun way to get that novel you have been meaning to write done and in a fairly short amount of time.

I liked the years I participated, even when I didn’t win. If you can make it through week two, it is a great slide. That is how I was writing my Kings of Proster series. If nothing else, you get to meet other writers and they are a fun crowd. My first year of NaNoWriMo led to the creation of a writing group at the Prince George Library that is still going strong today.

Unfortunately, I will not be participating again this year as school conflicts with the writing challenge. Also I started my latest writing project two weeks ago and I’m 8k words into it. NaNoWriMo rules say you should be starting fresh for the month of writing. So, I am going to sit on the sidelines and cheer on all others who are choosing to participate. Have fun! Enjoy the company! Finish your novel!



The Kings of Proster

My fantasy series is called The Kings of Proster and I keep being asked about how many books it will be along with when I will have them out. Unfortunately I did not get the ones due out last fall out yet. I am having some slight issues, but I should sort through those in the next while. Then I will put out Lovers & Losses and Fighting for the King.

I have planned out twelve books. Six are currently out, two coming, three I have to finish writing, and one I will write when I’ve got the rest of them finished. My brain has been hinting there might be a prequel book and maybe some stories from the neighbouring kingdoms, but neither of those projects are going to happen before The Kings of Proster are all written and available for sale.

In the meantime, you can enjoy For Wealth and Glory, Closing the Portal, Mistakes Made, Wasted Love, The Mystery of the Magic, and The King’s Ransom. They are available in hard copies and just recently I have converted them all into e-book format. And hopefully I will have the next two out soon.


Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014

The Office of Letters and Light, which run NaNoWriMo in November, also have started camp sessions in April and July. Camp NaNoWriMo can be used to write all kinds of things, especially since you don’t really have to start something new, there are flexible word counts, and you don’t have to be working on a novel.

I have been doing Camp since it started and have turned out a few novels. Some published (Closing the Portal), some in editing stages (Syriana’s Crime), and some never to see the light of day. This year I thought I would do two novels in the Kings of Proster series that I have been writing during other sessions of NaNoWriMo. The only other things I needed to worry about this month was the Easter Drama I was in and finding a job, so I thought I could do two 50k word novels in a month. Easy, right?

The Easter Drama is over and my job search is stalled, so the writing must be going well, right? Well, I started the first novel called Lovers & Losses and in it the main character is reading a book. I decided to put in pieces of the book. Now I have three books to write by the end of the month, two from the Kings of Proster series and one by a fictitious author who won’t leave me alone until his novel is complete.

So, either I will finish what I set out for myself, or I will end up in a padded room. I hope you enjoy the rest of April.