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New Start

October of last year one of the partners in Mantler Publishing left the company and caused some rethought along with some reorganization. So, Mantler Publishing has been disbanded and a new publishing company had grown out of it. Lit-N-Laughter has changed its focus. Mantler Publishing was putting out a broad range of material, while Lit-N-Laughter is focusing on light and fluffy books.

We have changed our Smashwords account and Facebook page to the new name and description. Lit-N-Laughter has its own webpage at

There are still some things we are sorting out, but those might take a while to settle out. We are not yet ready to accept full novel submissions yet, however there are a few other things we are looking for. I wrote a post about some of what we are looking for. Hopefully we will get to the point where we are accepting submissions.

So, keep any eye out for future Lit-N-Laughter titles, which should be coming out over the next while.