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True Memoirs

In an attempt to recover from the school year, I watched a large amount of action movies. One of these movies is True Memoirs of an International Assassin. Many movies can teach things to writers about writing if the writer is willing to pay attention, but that movie teaches couple lessons to writers about being a writer and not just about writing.

The first lesson is about the amount of research a writer puts into their story. Research is a great thing and can make the story feel realistic. However, too much is a bad thing. The story should not be easily confused with reality. There was one author who had to take a step back because his readers were using the methods his characters were using to do things they shouldn’t. It is good to do the research and it is good to have some realism in a story, but beware of the level put into a story.

The second lesson from the movie is to not let anyone bully you about your writing. We all dream of getting that phone call from a publisher demanding to let them publish our book. Many of us don’t know enough about the legal end of things to really understand many contracts. However, if the publisher is not willing to give you time to read over the contract and find someone who does know something about legal things to read it for you as well, you should back out of the deal. Otherwise it will not end well. And if the publisher puts out your fiction book and non-fiction, you should consider legal action.