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Essay Writing

According to many people’s thinking all writing is the same, so if you are a writer than writing essays must be easy. Except that there is a vast difference between writing fiction and writing essays. Fiction writing I find much easier than essay writing. With fiction writing, I am making everything up as I go. A few things require research and when the story does the subject it usually something I am interested in. Essays are an argument written down with the evidence provided. This requires serious analysis and thought. And research. Usually the research is a lot of boring reading. Also as an assigned piece of writing so the subject is one I am not as interested in, which makes the whole thing harder.

There are different kinds of writing and they all take different sorts of energy and thought processes. A poem comes from a more emotional place. Stories come from escapism. Essays come from research and deep thought. Technical writing is logic based. Each uses parts of the brain that other do not. So, as I fiction writer I write essays only when necessary and usually in the stressed, adrenaline fueled last hours before it is due.




I’m not a big fan of poetry and most of the poems I like are either for children or have a very strong story to it. But I love limericks. They are short, easily memorisable, generally have a story in there somewhere, and are fun. I strongly favour poems in which the poet and the reader have fun.

Over the last year, I have gotten into writing limericks. I’m not sure why exactly, but I have. My inspiration for the limericks has been the writing prompts of the writing group I belong to. The group seems to enjoy them, even though they feel much too short when I share them. Most of the limericks I write are clean, despite the fun of dirty ones.

To help me write limericks I found a website for teaching children to write limericks, because sometimes the best place to start learning is to start with the basics. Many adult sources assume you have the basics already, which can mess things up. Even in research it can be a good idea to start in the children’s section.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I am writing limericks, but they are so fun I don’t think I’ll stop.