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Books I Want to Read

It is hard to wait for my favourite authors to come out with the next book in a series that I am reading. As a writer I know that it takes time to write the book and then get it published. But if I don’t have something else to do I can be really impatient. Fortunately I have many favourite authors whose books I look forward to reading.

But there are two books from favourite authors I would really like to read that it seems very unlikely I will ever get the chance. The first one is the sixth book in the Wiz series by Rick Cook. It is called Wizardry Capitalized and he didn’t finish it due to issues with writer’s block. Parts of it are available to be read online, but it is not the full novel. The second book is the third in the Captain Yor books by Roy V. Young. It is called Year of the Thogs and according to Wikipedia the company that was publishing the books didn’t survive.

Other authors are taking many years to put out the next book in their series and I wait impatiently for them, however those two books I will not get to read in full. And I really want to read them.



New Start

October of last year one of the partners in Mantler Publishing left the company and caused some rethought along with some reorganization. So, Mantler Publishing has been disbanded and a new publishing company had grown out of it. Lit-N-Laughter has changed its focus. Mantler Publishing was putting out a broad range of material, while Lit-N-Laughter is focusing on light and fluffy books.

We have changed our Smashwords account and Facebook page to the new name and description. Lit-N-Laughter has its own webpage at

There are still some things we are sorting out, but those might take a while to settle out. We are not yet ready to accept full novel submissions yet, however there are a few other things we are looking for. I wrote a post about some of what we are looking for. Hopefully we will get to the point where we are accepting submissions.

So, keep any eye out for future Lit-N-Laughter titles, which should be coming out over the next while.


Looking for Help

Are you an illustrator, or know one? Currently the publishing company I am part of is looking for an illustrator for a series of children’s books. Each book is a minimum of twenty-four pages. If you are interested, please send samples of your work to

Do you like reading and are good at writing reviews? We are also looking for people to write reviews for our books and put them up on Amazon and Good Reads. You have to be willing to read the book in e-book format from The reviews should be well thought out with good reasoning as to why you liked it or didn’t like it. We prefer that you avoid giving away major plot points in the review. If you are interested, please provide links to other reviews you have done, or send us copies at

Are you a writer interested and willing to collaborate on a serious fantasy project? This is probably best for someone who already writes fantasy. The project involves writing one full novel and a few short pieces. It also involves working with two other writers, who will also be writing a full novel and a few short pieces. If you are interested, please send two samples of your work to

Currently we are making some changes to the publishing company. Hopefully, we will have our website up and running soon along with our publishing schedule for the next year.