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I came across the concept of literariness in the English course I took. The textbook (An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory by Andrew Bennett and Nicholas Royle, 2016) brought it up when the authors were talking about creative fiction and how it connects to literature. They suggest that literature does not exist. Instead every work can be analysed for its literariness. This suggests that there is no specific genre for those people who are talked about in English courses. It also suggests that no work is beyond these types of discussion.

This makes sense to me as many readers do analysis all genres in similar ways to how is taught in English courses. However, attending those same classes the teachers push only one time of “genre”, or the belief that commercial fiction doesn’t deserve to be studied. Which is better than creative writing college teachers who pretend commercial fiction doesn’t exist. I think this is the wrong approach because anything that narrows focus is the wrong way to look at things. All genres bring some literariness and can provide insights to people.




Reviews are one the most important things you can do for an author. They can the difference between an author’s success or failure. Book sales are important too, but not many people buy books without having heard something about them first. Yes, people do pick up books they have never heard of before they picked up the book at the book store, but in this day of digital content it is much harder to get books into book stores. So, authors have to depend on reviews. It doesn’t matter if the reviews are on Amazon, Good Reads, Chapters, or a book review blog as long as it is out there for people to find and read.

The best thing you can do for your favourite authors is to review their books and post it somewhere for others to read. A good review is preferable, but if you had a problem with the story it is okay to say that. You don’t have to whitewash a book to leave a review. All you need to do is to leave your honest opinion. Just leaving a review is the most important thing and the author will appreciate it.


Books I Want to Read

It is hard to wait for my favourite authors to come out with the next book in a series that I am reading. As a writer I know that it takes time to write the book and then get it published. But if I don’t have something else to do I can be really impatient. Fortunately I have many favourite authors whose books I look forward to reading.

But there are two books from favourite authors I would really like to read that it seems very unlikely I will ever get the chance. The first one is the sixth book in the Wiz series by Rick Cook. It is called Wizardry Capitalized and he didn’t finish it due to issues with writer’s block. Parts of it are available to be read online, but it is not the full novel. The second book is the third in the Captain Yor books by Roy V. Young. It is called Year of the Thogs and according to Wikipedia the company that was publishing the books didn’t survive.

Other authors are taking many years to put out the next book in their series and I wait impatiently for them, however those two books I will not get to read in full. And I really want to read them.



I recently finished reading the book Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen. I would recommend any of his books as they are the type to keep me reading after I should have gone to bed. A big part of why his books are so good is the characters he comes up with. The main protagonist is interesting and easy to get invested in, but the rest of the characters wander off the page in their own unique way. I’m not sure Hiaasen’s writing technique, but my own is to take a character and let them tell their story through me. I do not control my characters and when I try they do not cooperate. It is their story and I just get to hear it first.

Having a plot is useless to me unless it comes with the character to tell me the story. Settings are interesting, but there has to be someone there to stand out or I can’t write the story. This is probably why I need to work on writing description, because the character sees it every day and already knows what things look like.

Whether in books or in life, most of us are drawn to people with character. We like the people who are contradictions and stand out in the crowd. So, if you have great setting and a wonderful plot, you better have a character to navigate those or you are going to lose readers. And the story moves along much better when the writer listens to the character rather than a character who listens to the writer.