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Books I Want to Read

It is hard to wait for my favourite authors to come out with the next book in a series that I am reading. As a writer I know that it takes time to write the book and then get it published. But if I don’t have something else to do I can be really impatient. Fortunately I have many favourite authors whose books I look forward to reading.

But there are two books from favourite authors I would really like to read that it seems very unlikely I will ever get the chance. The first one is the sixth book in the Wiz series by Rick Cook. It is called Wizardry Capitalized and he didn’t finish it due to issues with writer’s block. Parts of it are available to be read online, but it is not the full novel. The second book is the third in the Captain Yor books by Roy V. Young. It is called Year of the Thogs and according to Wikipedia the company that was publishing the books didn’t survive.

Other authors are taking many years to put out the next book in their series and I wait impatiently for them, however those two books I will not get to read in full. And I really want to read them.




When I was introduced to the genre of fantasy it was not trilogies of epic sagas that were big enough to be used as bricks for houses. It was funny fantasy stories like the Myth series by Robert Asprin, the WizBiz books by Rick Cook, the Captain Yor books by Roy V. Young, the books of Craig Shaw Gardner, Heroics for Beginners by John Moore, and the first couple of the Xanth books by Piers Anthony. These were my introduction to fantasy and my inspiration to write fantasy.

I wanted to write books like these to entertainment people with the same likes in reading material as I do. Alas my fantasy novels are far more serious and lack the comic genius of these great books. I still strive for this dream, but I feel that I will always fall short of this goal. The only thing helping sooth the irritation of not being able to write this way is being able to go back and read these works over and over; to be entertained not once, but many times. And when I find books similar I feel like I have found a valuable gem. If you like fantasy that is light and entertaining pick up a book by one of these authors. I think you’ll like them.