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Kill Them Off And Start Over

Sometimes characters quit behaving and decide they don’t want to do anything. This can be a problem when you are trying to get the story finished. But there is a solution if you have tried everything else. You just kill all the current characters off. This doesn’t get the story finished though as it stops things in their tracks, so you put in new characters to finish the story. You pick characters who are willing to talk to you and pick up where the last ones left off.

This solves all of the problems. The characters who are giving you issues are gone as well as fueling the continuation of the story. You get to work with new characters who could be a lot more fun than the original ones. Also the story will get finished, likely will be better than if you stuck to the first set of characters.

So, if you are having problems in your story kill off all your characters and start again with new ones. This should help move the story along. After all the new characters have to figure out what happened to the previous ones and finish what they started.


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Rose and Other Stories

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The nurse at the front desk looked up as the woman was brought in by a long leather jacket and blue jeans. His brown hair was done in a military haircut and his blue eyes looked tired. The woman was wearing an overcoat, her brown hair hung in her face and her arms crossed over her chest.

“Can I help you?” the nurse asked looking at the woman. The woman’s eyes peered out from under the hair.

“I’m looking for Dr. Fenton,” the man said, “I talked to him on the phone yesterday.”

“Have seat and I will call him for you,” the nurse said.

“Thank you,” the man said. He turned and directed the woman to the nearby couch. There weren’t many people in the waiting area, so there was lots of space to sit down. The nurse watched them sit down before turning away to pick up the phone. She had dialed the first two digits of the extension when there was a ruckus at the door. She looked up to see two police officers fighting to bring an escaped patient back into the building. The nurse put the phone down and ran to get some orderlies to help out the police officers.

The waiting room got busy for several minutes as the orderlies arrived and the patient was sedated. The patient was dragged away and the police left. The waiting area was quiet once again and the nurse sat down at her station. She picked up the phone and dialed Dr. Fenton’s extension. She informed him that a man and woman were waiting for him and that the man had phoned him the day before. Dr. Fenton said he wold be right down.

The nurse glanced over at the couch. The woman was curled up in a ball aginst the arm of the couch, but the man was no longer sitting beside her. The nurse looked around the waiting area, but the man was nowhere in sight. The nurse stood up, went around the desk, and approached the woman.

“Where did he go?” the nurse asked. The woman shrugged.

“He said that he would be back,” the woman’s voice was muffled, “and I should wait for him.”

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