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Kill Them Off And Start Over

Sometimes characters quit behaving and decide they don’t want to do anything. This can be a problem when you are trying to get the story finished. But there is a solution if you have tried everything else. You just kill all the current characters off. This doesn’t get the story finished though as it stops things in their tracks, so you put in new characters to finish the story. You pick characters who are willing to talk to you and pick up where the last ones left off.

This solves all of the problems. The characters who are giving you issues are gone as well as fueling the continuation of the story. You get to work with new characters who could be a lot more fun than the original ones. Also the story will get finished, likely will be better than if you stuck to the first set of characters.

So, if you are having problems in your story kill off all your characters and start again with new ones. This should help move the story along. After all the new characters have to figure out what happened to the previous ones and finish what they started.


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Don’t Quit Now

Every story I write has stretches where I hate every word that has been written on the story, my mind is convinced that the whole story is garbage, and I’m ready to get rid of the whole thing. I‘m sure other writers have felt the same. I don’t have the cure for this condition yet, but I do know two things about it. The worst thing you can do now is stop writing on the story and the second worst is to trash it.

The voice in your head that is saying the whole story is trash is you inner editor. This editor doesn’t recognize the good from the bad when the story is being written. As long as you are writing it the inner editor thinks it sucks. And if you listen to that editor you will never get a story finished.

So, the story I’m writing might feel like it is garbage now, but it may not when I read over after I complete it. If it still feels like I should trash it after that, the best to do is to put it away for a long period. Sometimes pieces can be salvaged from it, or I read it later and realize it was not that bad. But the worst thing to do when that feeling shows up is to quit.