Monthly Archives: March 2016

Not as Much as You Think I Do

People ask how much time I spend writing in a day. They believe that I must be writing for hours every day to have put out so many books. After all it takes work to put out nine books and thus it must be a daily struggle. I admit that it is a daily struggle, but not because of how much work I get done. The struggle is sitting down and writing. There are plenty of days when I get no writing done at all and most days when I write less than a hundred words.

Six of the books I have put out have been written during NaNoWriMo and thus only took thirty days each to write. The editing took much longer, but it always does. I wrote my western in fits and starts over many years before getting serious. It took a year to get the book written once I focused on it. My pirate book was written slowly over several years as I worked on it when I was really interested in the work. Committed to Her Enemy was another one which I concentrated on and finished.

There is only one novel length story that I wrote on daily and finished quickly. For that story I am sure inspiration chased me through the pages. However, overall I do not write for hours a day to get my books out there. If I did, I would have a lot more stories written.